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Fron Youth

Fron Sunday School Report - 2016

We are blessed to serve the children of our congregation and children of our community through our Sunday School Program.  This Fall we made an extra effort to invite children from homes that may not have a regular connection to a church and so many blessings and wonderful stories have occurred. Our theme for the year is REACH OUT IN LOVE.   We have a roster of 46 children (ages 3-12) that have attended this year; some as visitors, some as often as they are “in town”; and many with regular attendance. On any given Sunday it is a guessing game how many and who will be attending.  This is the nature of God’s call to minister to them.  And God is ALWAYS faithful to provide for our needs.  We are also blessed by the support and prayers by the members of the church and those who bake extra love into their cookies, give generously for our projects, and especially the faithful teachers and parents who participate in the teaching and directing of special holiday programs.  


Our curriculum is home-made and the ideas come from the children themselves.  We invite the children to  express their interests and ask questions about what they would like to know about God the Father, His Son and the Holy Ghost.  We are collecting these questions and answers and hope to publish a booklet at the end of the year. It is not surprising that children are confronted by many challenges in their schools and we often talk about “What Would Jesus Do?” and what the Bible tells us to do or say.  We use puppet lessons, games, and crafts to make the learning interactive and fun.  We are utilizing many resources and videos from the Synod Library and computer and are grateful to have the new TV technology to this share with the children.


As we look to our future we are confident that if we love and teach the children, they will continue to come and bring their friends.  As we grow in numbers we want to be sure we can maintain the quality of their experience, and so we pray for more teachers and for leadership and guidance in selecting a prepared curriculum and bringing more organization to the structure of the program. And of course, continued prayers.

A special Thank You to:  teachers this year which include Vic and Sandi Vatthauer, Rhonda Minnick, Ginger Erickson, Jennifer Jergenson, and Erica Baukol;   Shawna Dahl and Lori Vaadeland who directed the Christmas Program; and to Nancy Samuelson and the many women who organized the treats (the highlight of Sunday School.)