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Women of Fron

Parish Women's Bible Study March

Check out this opportunity! Come to the Minnewaska Community Health Services’ Commons, Thursday, March 5, 1:30 PM, for Women’s Bible Study, “We are called!” The study of discipleship is similar to the women’s purpose statement! It is:    As a community of women created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirt. We commit ourselves to grow in faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action, and promote healing and wholeness in the church, the society, and the world. Call a friend to join you, no preparation needed! You will be among friend from the three congregations of the Cross Wind Lutheran Parish and treated to refreshments by Immanuel women!


The other day I was in the parking lot of Fron and a familiar little face was scooting around the parking lot on his 'razor' scooter.  It was a cold and snowy day but this little boy said "hello again" as we had met before.  I said, "Hello, you must be very good on that scooter to be able to ride in the snow".  He said, "ya, but the snow keeps flying up under the wheels".  I said aren't you cold without any mittens on your hands?".  He hesitated, then said, "nope I'm fine".  That's when I felt a divine nudge.  I went inside and rummaged through the box of hand-knitted mittens and found one just his size.  I hesitated only long enough to hear God say, "you have my permission".  


When I delivered the mittens to the boy, I explained "some lady in our church knits these for boys who don't have any and you qualify.  These are yours to keep."  He tried them on, (perfect fit!),  smiled and said I've never had a pair of mittens before"  (By the way he was testing out the mittens on his handlebars, I think he was saying he'd never had a pair of hand-knit mittens vs a store-bought pair of finger gloves)  I said, "They will keep you warm".  


Then he asked "are you an angel" and I really had to hold back a snicker.  "OH heavens NO.  But the lady who knit these might be".


Thank you to the angel who knit this pair of gold yarn small mittens.  You know who you are.

Women of Fron (WOF) are an ELCA group lead by a team of women elected to take care of the business. They are led by Evie Schlief, contact person; Mona Gregersen, Secretary; Marvae Engebretson, Treasurer; Sue Anderson, Mission Community; Leona Aaberg, Mission Action and Darlene Femrite, Mission Growth.
Once a month the women gather for a Bible Study from the Gather Magazine. The study is led by Pastor Paul Johnson. A coffee time is planned and any business or announcements concerning the women are conducted during this time. This group of women have one fund raiser in June, a morning coffee party, designated for a project in the church.
Bible study times are:
Jan. Feb. & Mar.: First Thursday of the month meeting with all the women of the CrossWind  Parish (CWP) in the Minnewaska Retirement Home Commons at 1:30.                                                             
Apr. & May: First Tuesday of the month meeting at Fron in the youth room with business at 9:45, coffee at 10:00 and the study starting at 10:30.
June 1:30, July & Aug. 9:30: First Thursday of the month meeting with all the women of the CWP in the Starbuck City Park. If unfavorable weather, we meet in Fron’s dining room.                                   
Sept. Oct. Nov.:First Tuesday of the month meeting at Fron in the youth room with business at 9:45, coffee at 10:00 and the study starting at 10:30.
Women of Fron belong to the Glacial Ridge Conference and participate in their Spring & Fall Gatherings.
A delegate is sponsored by the WOF to the annual SW MN Synodical Women of ELCA Convention each year.
WOF are a part of the Women’s Community Ministry and Fellowship in which 6 area churches take turns in being a host for a get together with a special program at a brunch or lunch in October.
A Sewing Circle also is a part of the WOF, meeting 9:00 – 12:00 usually the second & fourth Thursdays of the month in the youth room. This is in support of Lutheran World Relief and other needs in the community.  High school seniors are given a quilt by this group each year.
A hand quilting group usual meets the first and third Wednesdays at 9:00 – 12:00 each month upon need. They meet in the quilting room on the top floor of the education building. This group has been responsible for contributing a quilt for the Luther Crest’s fund raiser in the Fall as well as contributing to other community needs.
A Prayer Shawl group is another mission carried out by the women as well as other knitting of mittens & scarves that are given away.
Collection of items for Lutheran World Relief kits is conducted by our Mission Action personnel each year. They have been Baby Care Kits and School Kits.
Our Mission Community person conducts collections for Someplace Safe, Hearts & Hands Food Shelf and Pope County Families in Need each year.
The WOF are involved in three fund raisers. May they sponsor a JELL-O Fest (lite supper), September is the Fall Harvest Supper which involves all church members and in December they have a Christmas Cookie Stroll.
Our mission: “To mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ”